Ben Tidwell

Ben Tidwell has 10 years of experience designing, evaluating, and managing health behavior change programs. He has extensive experience in implementing both relief and development programs in challenging contexts in the Middle East and Africa, where he lived for more than five years. Ben has also helped to design and evaluate development programs funded by USAID and DFID. Specifically, Ben's professional experience includes designing and managing disaster response programming in Nepal and the Syrian crisis, managing Maternal and Child Health programs in Uganda and Iraq, and evaluating health behavior change programs in Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States.


Ben holds a Master of Public Health from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and is currently working on a PhD in Applied Behavioral Science at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. His dissertation focuses on improving peri-urban sanitation through behavior change programming, using a state-of-the-art inter-disciplinary approach that draws from behavioral economics, neuroscience, biology, and cognitive and social psychology. Ben has a professional working proficiency in Arabic.



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