Case Studies

Merchant McIntyre Associates professionals have a long, documented track record of success -- from securing funding to obtaining regulatory relief to winning legislative and policy victories for our clients.


These case study summaries provide you with a snapshot of what success looks like for our clients.


$14.1 Million TIGER Grant Won: Merchant McIntyre worked with a municipality to win a TIGER grant. MM and the municipality leveraged their knowledge of the USDOT process and TIGER grant requirements with high-level agency engagement and critical political support to secure funding for this transformational road and park project.



$120 Million Approved: A national association of teaching health centers sought to extend an expiring federal program that supports the training of physicians and dentists in medically underserved rural and urban areas. Without this program, populations in these areas would not have proper access to quality health care. Merchant McIntyre professionals helped plan and implement a successful strategy to win reauthorization and funding for this vital program.



$2.5 Million EDA Grant Approved: Building on previous funding successes with Merchant McIntyre professionals, a small faith-based university in a central Ohio region with high unemployment won a federal grant to construct and equip a small business incubator on campus.



$10.5 Million Secured: A 24-bed critical access hospital in Montana won a coveted CMS/CMMI Health Care Innovation Award to implement a partnership with other critical access hospitals and clinics to improve health care access and reduce costs.



$460,000 for a Fire Truck: A municipality located near critical national infrastructure needed funding for a new tanker fire truck after its existing truck fell out of compliance. Merchant McIntyre helped write this federal competitive grant and mobilized congressional support to win funding.



New $7.1 Million Facility: A national treatment center for at-risk youth looked to expand its facilities to accommodate the growing needs of troubled children. Merchant McIntyre professionals planned and implemented a legislative and funding strategy to win $7.1 million.



$6 Million for a University: An international university located in Central America sought US federal assistance to modernize its campus facilities, expand research, and offer more scholarships to low-income students. Merchant McIntyre professionals were hired to develop competitive projects, identify and pursue federal funding, and mobilize the necessary congressional support. As a result, the institution was awarded more than $6 million in federal funding.



$2.7 Million EDA Win: A mid-sized municipal water authority urgently needed to improve the city’s crumbling water infrastructure. Merchant McIntyre was hired to develop the project, identify and apply for federal funding, and market the project to local leaders and Washington decision-makers. Merchant McIntyre helped secure a $2.7 million water infrastructure grant from the Economic Development Administration.



$600,000 for Cancer Care Navigator Program: A rural hospital desperately needed to improve access to care and reduce the burden on cancer patients living in remote areas. Merchant McIntyre worked with the hospital, HHS, and local partners to win funding to establish a Cancer Care Patient Navigator Program. This three-year initiative builds upon $62,000 in telehealth equipment funding to support the critical needs of the community’s cancer patients, while bridging gaps in the system to ensure residents receive high-quality cancer care.



$300,000 for Affordable Housing: Following a major flood that destroyed many homes, a nonprofit organization in central Appalachia sought federal assistance to fund its innovative home building model. Merchant McIntyre worked with the Appalachia Regional Commission and the State of Tennessee to secure unprecedented funding to construct 60 new homes in an economically distressed area.



$3.5 Million Flood Project: A large municipality in the western United States suffered significant flooding due to snow melt. Merchant McIntyre worked at the federal level to secure expedited emergency flood assistance/prevention funding.



$800,000 and $650,000 NGO Funding: An international children's medical relief organization spent years seeking federal assistance for its critical overseas programs, but without success. When Merchant McIntyre professionals were hired, it implemented a strategic process to identify and improve the organization’s program, identify and submit relevant competitive grants, and build important relationships, all of which led to approval of two significant federal grants.



NIH Program Preserved: Merchant McIntyre professionals worked with a consortium of five hospital systems to preserve a critical NIH research and training grant program, which was slated by the Congress for elimination. Literally thousands of children and their families would have been impacted if this five-year grant program were not extended. Merchant McIntyre worked to mobilize the stakeholders, educate key Members of Congress, and win legislative language to extend the program.



$10 Million Pilot Program Funded: On behalf of an international NGO, MM professionals planned and implemented a strategy to win $10 million in an authorization bill for an innovative summer feeding program for needy children.



$827,000 for Mental Health: Merchant McIntyre helped a major mental health services provider win a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant to provide critical behavioral health services among rural communities in northern Michigan.



Historic Medicaid Waiver Sought: At this writing, Merchant McIntyre is implementing a legislative strategy to amend a 50-year-old Medicaid law. When achieved, this regulatory relief will result in $2 million in annual savings to MM's nonprofit client.



$187,000 Telehealth Grant Won: On behalf of a hospital system in Missouri, Merchant McIntyre won a USDA Distance Learning and Telemedicine grant so the hospital could implement critical telehealth and education services among rural communities in its service area.



Parkinson's Disease Research Dollars: At this writing, Merchant McIntyre is working on behalf of a Parkinson's Disease research institute to win NIH and NIDDK funding. Further, MM is generating an additional revenue source for the institute by marketing its brain bank to the Department of Defense and NIH.



Diabetes Funding: An international diabetes education and prevention association has turned to Merchant McIntyre to pursue competitive and discretionary grants from Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health, and the Department of Agriculture, among other agencies.



$367,912 SAFER Grant Won: On behalf of a municipality, MM professionals helped win this grant to fund the fire department's Source Capture Exhaust Extraction System.



$100,000 Nutrition Grant Won: On behalf of a municipality, MM professionals secured one of the first $100,000 grants awarded through the new Food Insecurity and Nutrition Inventive program. The program allows SNAP receipts to double their benefits when purchasing healthy and nutritious foods.



$126 Million Preserved: A leading international HIV/AIDS education and prevention agency retained Merchant McIntyre professionals to protect $126 million in proposed cuts to its budget. Mission accomplished!




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